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A Vision About Apostles And Apostolic!

What is God Doing? Concerning Apostles, the Apostolic!

By Roy Sauzek

A scene in the night.

Friday, October 6, 2000 (From Flow Chart)

Scene, This whole scene was in technicolor. The apostles were gathered in an area outside of some structures. I was walking around among the apostles, but the focus was on the Lord and what He was doing. The Lord was walking among the apostles and every once in a while He would do something, a work among/between them. At one point He took a stick and drew in the sand or earth; between two, maybe three apostles. It seems that He would do something between two apostles and then move to another two, and so on. He didn't seem to be in a hurry (rush) doing things among the apostles, although He seemed to be deliberate or precise in every thing He was doing. (I would call it a steady pace.) The gathered apostles were in clothes, like we wear these days. Some were in suits and some were not. Anyway, time passed and finally there came a time when the Lord gathered the apostles He had worked among and we were going to move out to go somewhere or do something. The Lord was leading. In the scene, I was excited that this was happening. (Jesus was dressed in a robe, had long hair and facial features that remind me of the Shroud.)

2nd Scene, I was looking at a woman who was leaving a man and going to follow a new man in her life. She was divorcing the man to marry the new one. She was dressed in a suit that was off white, towards a gold-ish color. I was watching her pick up a bouquet of red crimson flowers to take with her with this new man. She was excited.

Suddenly this scene changed into a 3rd Scene where the Lord was leading a large crowd of people across a huge, huge (brown colored) massive steel bridge. The crowd had gathered at the entrance to the bridge. The Lord was moving into the opening of the bridge. The crowd was following Him into the mouth of the bridge when this part of the scene ended. (This crowd included men, women and children.)

There are some facts in these scenes that take no interpretation.

1. There are apostles outside of structures.

2. There is a time period where Jesus is to work between the apostles and then a time when He goes somewhere with these men.

3. There is a woman who will go with her new "to be husband," leaving the old man.

4. The bridge is a new structure.

Based on the Flow Chart, here is my insight on the above scenes. The Lord has gathered His apostles outside of the structured church. Now He must do a work between those apostles, building relationships and revealing His perfect will for the whole. From what God has taught me this seems to me to indicate that there must be some interaction between certain individuals concerning the "things the Spirit" of what God has given in the past, and is going to give among His apostles for direction and ways of doing things. (Possibly some correction of doctrines?) When He gets this done He will then take us into what He has for us to do.

The second scene is a woman who represents a part of His church who has been following man unknowingly. She will completely leave that structure and ideas, etc., to follow after the Lord into marriage (after she's rid herself of spots). The fact this scene turned into the last is significant and means that both are different pictures of the same and/or one leads to the other. This woman represents a cross section of people, much larger than this group of apostles, who will follow after the Lord into the unknown (like Israel crossing the Red Sea). There will be no miracle to cross this sea but He will take them across on a very stable piece of equipment, a massive steel bridge. This bridge represents a very stable structure, God's structure .

Symbolically, brown represents earthly, so we get the picture of a stable earthly structure whereby the Lord can bring us into the future (end time events), obedient to His will. The structure is His way and order of doing things which we (the group here) have found to produce much more fruit than the structures we came out of.

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