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The Antidote of Heaven

Ryan Wyatt: "The Antidote of Heaven"

by Ryan Wyatt

The Living, Breathing, Supernatural Church!

Prepare yourself! We are in times of great change! A generation is arising, and is even already on the scene, that is no longer settling for "Sunday Morning Christianity." Please know and understand that I love the Church, the real Church. However, "church" as we know it, is about to dramatically change.

We are going from "attending church" and catering to "Sunday Morning Christianity," and we are moving into "being the Church"—a mighty, supernatural army filled with power and equipped to offensively advance and establish the Kingdom of God throughout the earth!

We need to understand that when we received salvation and were born-again, we did not join a social club or world religion called Christianity. We were regenerated and inhabited by a supernatural God who came to mingle with our spirit and transform us into a new creature with a heavenly nature—the very DNA of God now residing in us!

The real Church is not a building, denomination or club. The real Church is a living, breathing, supernatural, heavenly, new-creation entity which carries and manifests the very Kingdom of God on this earth.

In the same way God inhabited a box called, "the ark," in the Old Testament, He now inhabits a people waiting to display His Glory through those who will only believe. You are not just a container or holding chamber where God resides. You actually have the very DNA, or nature, of God in you. In the same way apples bring forth apples, and oranges bring forth oranges, God brings forth sons and daughters at their moment of salvation! You are a gateway—a portal—where Heaven invades earth.

The Church for decades, and even centuries, has been having an identity crisis, and is now receiving a Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God. As a Church, we are beginning to awaken and realize we do have an identity and a purpose that far supersedes just "doing church," and we are beginning to realize that we are the very Body of Jesus Christ on this earth. The very same presence and power that Jesus manifested in His single human body, He will now manifest through His corporate Body, the Church. An army is arising and it is time!

The Eternal Purpose and Mystery

Jesus is intensely serious about receiving His inheritance, and His inheritance is tied up in us fulfilling our destiny as Believers. Jesus Christ's inheritance can be found in Ephesians 3:8-11.

Jesus shed His Blood to purchase for Himself a Bride. However, there is more to this story than just a wedding. This Bride (that's you by the way) is being raised up as the weapon of God in His hand to enforce the victory that has already been accomplished over His enemy, and display the triumph of Jesus Christ to all demonic powers. The Church has a destiny and a purpose to actually display the very glory and victory of God to the principalities, cosmic powers, and evil spiritual forces in heavenly places.

This means that the Church is not to be postured in a spectator position, but rather an offensive position. For too long, the Church has been consumed with a rapture mentality of, "just hang on until Jesus comes and then He will rescue us out of this mess." This mentality simply does not line up with Scripture, and this generation is awakening to the reality of our high calling and eternal purpose as an army of God with a mandate to enforce the victory Jesus won by His shed Blood.

Heaven's Antidote

I am sure you all have noticed that the state and well-being of the world is rapidly declining. Ever since Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden there has been a demonic curse and demonic government ruling over this planet, and satan, our enemy, has assumed the title of, "god of this world."

However, you need to know that satan's power only resides in our ignorance. When we, as the Church, are ignorant of our identity and calling as Heaven's representatives and enforcers, then the devil remains in a place and position of power.

Satan cringed in fear when Jesus came on the scene as the "Last Adam" (see 1 Corinthians 15:45) because he was aware of the fact that Jesus knew who He was, and that Jesus was clear about His mandate to rule and reign over the powers of darkness, and to deliver every tribe, tongue and nation from demonic oppression and bondage.

Jesus, as the "Last Adam," was simply fulfilling the mandate the "First Adam" dropped. Everywhere Jesus went He was on a mission to demonstrate and display the glory and superiority of God over the works of the devil. Did you know the Bible says that Jesus was the "firstborn among many brethren?"

Jesus was the first of a new prototype in the earth. He came to birth a "New Breed" of people who would be inhabited and born of God, and to pick up and carry on the mantle and mandate of Heaven first entrusted to Adam.

Just as a doctor gives an antidote to a patient whose body is filled with poison, so the Church is the heavenly antidote for the demonic curse that fills the earth! For so long, the Church has been content to let the world descend into total chaos, while hoping and praying that Jesus will come and rapture us out of this mess.

However, the heart of this generation is beginning to beat to the same tune as the heartbeat of God. We are waking-up to realize we are the answer and the antidote, and are assigned on this earth with a mandate to destroy the works of the devil—to bring Heaven to earth on a daily basis!

I have a vision of seeing authentic supernatural Christianity expressed on the earth through the Church—the Body of Christ. God has ordained that His Glory be displayed through a people totally devoted and in love with Him. This generation must be equipped and trained to live in such a place of intimacy and fellowship with the Lord—where His Glory truly does abide upon us through miracles, signs, and wonders.

Jesus Christ was sent and lived His life as a prototype of what is possible and available for each one of us as Believers. Jesus lived His day-to-day life out of the intimate voice of God, and carried His Kingdom—the supernatural realm of Heaven—on the earth with miracles, signs and wonders following Him. The cry of Heaven in these end-times is to see a remnant of people recklessly abandoned and in love with their God, who through intimacy, destroy the works of the devil, and bring the realm of Heaven to earth daily.

The Government of God is Here!

For many decades the Lord has been restoring truth to the Church which was lost during the dark ages. We have now come to a "fullness of time juncture," and are entering into a season where the sound of the roar of the Lion of Judah is being heard, with an army of Believers arising out of apathy and complacency, standing to attention, ready to receive marching orders from the King of kings. It's time for the Church to cease our wilderness wanderings and cross over into our intended destiny and promised land.

Prophetically speaking, our promised land represents the government of God. From the very beginning, God intended Adam to have dominion, rule, and to subdue and fill the earth with His glory. The Church has wandered in the wilderness without purpose, just as Israel did, but now it is time to pick up the mandate Adam dropped and establish and advance the Kingdom of God throughout the earth.

Isaiah 9:6 says that Jesus was sent to this earth to bring back the government of God, and He carried this Heavenly government upon His shoulders. It goes on to say, "Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end..." (Isaiah 9:7). Guess what? You, as a born-again Believer, are the increase of the government of God in this world.

The Scripture goes on to say that, "...The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this" (Isaiah 9:7). Great zeal is being poured out from Heaven upon this generation in this hour. The army of Believers on this earth is coming into alignment with the army of the host of Heaven. An army is arising to destroy the works of the devil and release the glory of our God in this land!

An alarm is being trumpeted from Heaven, "Choose this day whom you will serve." Many in the Body of Christ have already chosen to serve God, but the burning question is now, "Who will arise with burning passion and pick up the mandate of Heaven to ADVANCE the Kingdom today?"

Ryan Wyatt

Abiding Glory Ministries


About Ryan: Ryan Wyatt is the Founder and Apostolic Team Leader of Abiding Glory Ministries, which incorporates the Abiding Glory Apostolic Base and The Habitation (their local fellowship of Believers), both headquartered in Knoxville, TN. The burning passion of Ryan's heart is to help prepare and equip an end-time Army of Believers who will be raised up to establish and advance the Kingdom of God. Ryan releases the glory and power of God everywhere he goes through a strong prophetic and miracle-healing anointing with many instantly healed and delivered in his meetings. Ryan, his wife Kelly, and their three sons live in Knoxville, TN.

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