Monday, December 15, 2008

We Need Mentors

Apostolic Mentoring Propelling the Emerging Generation
By Matt Sorger

The Church has entered a new era and with this transition a new generation is rising up within our ranks. These young emerging leaders in their 20’s and 30’s are carrying an apostolic vision that is compelling them beyond the four walls of our church buildings to lead a holy invasion into every aspect and strata of society with a relevant gospel message combined with the raw power of God.

At the same time our world is facing an increasing spiritual darkness making the Body of Christ in desperate need of mature, godly leaders who can lead this emerging generation through mine fields past generations have not had to face, including global terrorism, rising sexual perversion, and the secular agenda coming forth in our school systems as well as through the media.

This generation can make it ‘on their own’ or we can successfully transition into a new apostolic paradigm of exponential multiplication where this current generation’s ceiling becomes the floor of the next one to follow. But this level of expansion will require the involvement of spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ. God is calling true apostolic fathers and mothers to rise to the occasion to see these emerging young leaders equipped, nurtured and propelled forward into God’s purposes for their generation.

This level of leadership requires a revelation that we are called to build His Kingdom above everything else. Successful leadership is proven by what we multiply and leave behind us as a legacy. If we are truly multiplying ourselves as leaders then we are building something much bigger than our own domain; we are building the Kingdom of God inside of people that will last for eternity. Then a true multiplication can take place as the Kingdom of God is expanded through those we are personally impacting.

To successfully transition the Church into this new season of exponential multiplication three revelations are crucial for every spiritual leader to know and put into practice.
    1. The younger generation is relational in nature. Young emerging leaders desire to have relationship with the seasoned leaders God has raised up in the Body. They want the older generations’ blessing. They want to walk with, not away from them. As a representative of this younger generation of leaders I can say that we don’t expect perfection, we simply desire the love, support, and encouragement from our spiritual fathers and mothers. We want to learn from their successes as well as their mistakes. We honor and love our spiritual leaders and realize these things will require a great transparency, openness and level of vulnerability that may be new. But this trust can come through love and true relationships built between the generations. This emerging generation truly desires to build the Kingdom of God alongside the older generation. What sons and daughters are looking for are loving, godly, authentic spiritual parents who can help show them the way and encourage them to go for their dreams. (1 Cor 4:15-17)

    2. True apostolic fathers and mothers understand that authentic fruit bearing leadership does not flow from control, fear, insecurity or jealousy. These things stifle the growth of God’s Kingdom. God is raising up leaders who operate with the heart of David, not the tactics of Saul. Saul became jealous when he heard of David’s success and out of fear, insecurity and envy he sought to remove a possible threat to his kingdom. Seasoned leaders must not be threatened by the anointing or success of emerging leaders. We must all be secure in our calling in God and celebrate what God is doing in both generations. To see this next generation emerge in godliness, holiness and truth, leaders must be releasers, not constrictors. Love cheers on and wants sons and daughters to succeed. Love is not threatened by success but rejoices with it. The apostolic model of leadership that God is calling the Body of Christ to will see a great empowering of the Body to be released into the fullness of their gifts and callings. Insecurity, fear or jealousy in the heart of any leader is detrimental to the health and life of the Church. We must get beyond ourselves so we can effectively minister with the pure heart of God and see the Church truly become what God has intended her to be. (1 Sam.18:7-13)

    3. We must also move beyond simply ‘releasing’ this generation to go and ‘do their thing’. This is where God is bringing a strong paradigm shift in the hearts of many leaders. It’s not just about ‘releasing’, it’s about ‘sending’. There is a big difference. This shift could mark the beginning of a new level of multiplication and acceleration for the Kingdom. Leaders must be intentional in looking for those God’s hand is upon. We must not use emerging leaders simply to build our own ministry, although God may have them serve in a supportive role for a season. We must take the time to discover their heart and help them get to where God is ultimately calling them to be.

    For too long we have repeated the age old pattern of cutting off those God is calling us to raise up. Maybe out of a sense of rejection we receive their vision as a betrayal of our own. But it is time to change. God is raising up apostolic houses of worship with leaders that will know how to steward the gifts (people) God entrusts to them. A new mark of selfless, relational leadership is actually using the influence God has given you as a leader to propel people forward, not cut them off or hold them down. The true mark of leadership is when God allows you to use your platform to launch others into their Kingdom destiny. When this happens we are using our godly influence to expand the Kingdom of God and not just our own. What a privilege. But this level of leadership requires great selflessness. (Acts 13:1-3; 1Tim. 4:12; Tit. 1:4-5)

As we move into this next season of great multiplication God is calling apostolic fathers and mothers to walk in relationship with spiritual sons and daughters. This relational, selfless style of leadership will empower the Church to make quantum leaps forward in reaching the world with the Gospel and will see the Kingdom of God expand and fill the earth as Daniel prophesied in Dan. 2:35. It’s going to require all the generations working and serving together to see this Great Commission fulfilled. Let’s do it!



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