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God Loves To Surprise You With Suddenlies!!! Get Ready!!!!

The Suddenlies of God

by Russell Durose [ ]

Malachi 3:1

1 Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts.

The "suddenlies" of God are wonderful. They come with promise, that is we are assured of God's faithfulness, but we are never prepared for the WAY God will do it!

But we notice that God sends a prophet before He performs His Suddenly. To prepare the way.

What does He prepare?

1. He prepares us by leading us in repentance.

2. He prepares us by leading us in forgiving.

3. He prepares us by surrender.

Who is this Messenger? Could be a prophet, can be the Holy Spirit coming to us with great preparation.

I am not sure about you, but I have noticed a great dearth in our lives the last 2 weeks. It was as though what was full of water was emptied, and God started digging around and digging out a deeper foundation so that what God builds will be far greater.

But this preparation prepares a road a highway into our ministries, our businesses and our lives, so that Jesus can come in and do what He desires.

What the Lord told me today is that He is about to do a suddenly in your life. He is about to SUDDENLY visit His Temple. He is about to show up!!!

" The Lord, whom you seek," are you seeking for Him? Are you seeking Him alone?

Whatever you seek shall manifest!!!

There is something happening as I write this, the Presence of the Lord has come into this place, I know that this is what God is speaking from His Throne.

What do you seek? If you seek what is temporal, it shall indeed be given in this season, but it shall pass.

The Lord says, "If you seek Me, Me alone, what I shall do in you shall never pass." Yes Jesus shall suddenly show up.

Imagine the scenario, you are doing your regular house meeting, childrens or youth meeting, your sunday meeting, and all of a sudden you note a change. The people start to cry out, begin to worship Jesus in a new way. Indeed Jesus suddenly CAME into His Temple. You note the intense Presence of the Holy One. You note the very core of your being challenged to be humbled before Him. The angels exhort you in a loud voice to ACKNOWLEDGE Him, the King of Glory!!!!

You note in your business that what was merely maintained is now accentuated with a new invention that God put in your being. Now you make so much finance that you sow into the end time harvest.

Imagine also a couple at home, having the usual argument, then the atmosphere changes, and the FEAR of the Lord hits them both, they fall to the floor and worship the Lord.

Imagine an ordinary prayer meeting, then the atmosphere changes, they are drawn into the Presence of the Suddenly Presence of the Holy One. They stay there hours.

This is the suddenly that is coming!!!!

It is something that shall make society stop, with even greater moment than that of 11th September 2001.

" The Messenger of the Covenant whom you delight in..." Yes He suddenly comes to administer a reinforcement of the covenant, both the requirements and the blessings. He is coming to restore us and initiate in and through us the covenant He made with us!

You know your personal covenant with God?

Yes He made a covenant with you, its personal, its with you by name.

If you have no idea of that covenant, how can you precisely pray in, prophesy in the covenant?

We cannot forget, and it is engraved on my mind the story of the beginning of the Hebrides Revival in 1949. Kathie Walters had the privelege of visitting Barvas, on the island, and reciting in her book: " Bright and Shining Revival" .

She relates that the people, a small group got a burden of the spiritual condition of the people and they prayed according to Psalm 24 and Isaiah 64. They prayed in a stone barn for 5 months. They knew their covenant with God with them THROUGH His Word, and they gained boldness to remind God of His Promise. This particular night in such a prayer, where God's faithfulness to His Word was reminded in prayer suddenly the Glory of God appeared and impacted the island of Lewis for 4 years at least, bringing thousands to Christ!

God loves "suddenlies." And He is about to bring one into your lives. Be prepared, receive and pray the Covenant, and watch God bring His Suddenly...

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Vision About Apostles And Apostolic!

What is God Doing? Concerning Apostles, the Apostolic!

By Roy Sauzek

A scene in the night.

Friday, October 6, 2000 (From Flow Chart)

Scene, This whole scene was in technicolor. The apostles were gathered in an area outside of some structures. I was walking around among the apostles, but the focus was on the Lord and what He was doing. The Lord was walking among the apostles and every once in a while He would do something, a work among/between them. At one point He took a stick and drew in the sand or earth; between two, maybe three apostles. It seems that He would do something between two apostles and then move to another two, and so on. He didn't seem to be in a hurry (rush) doing things among the apostles, although He seemed to be deliberate or precise in every thing He was doing. (I would call it a steady pace.) The gathered apostles were in clothes, like we wear these days. Some were in suits and some were not. Anyway, time passed and finally there came a time when the Lord gathered the apostles He had worked among and we were going to move out to go somewhere or do something. The Lord was leading. In the scene, I was excited that this was happening. (Jesus was dressed in a robe, had long hair and facial features that remind me of the Shroud.)

2nd Scene, I was looking at a woman who was leaving a man and going to follow a new man in her life. She was divorcing the man to marry the new one. She was dressed in a suit that was off white, towards a gold-ish color. I was watching her pick up a bouquet of red crimson flowers to take with her with this new man. She was excited.

Suddenly this scene changed into a 3rd Scene where the Lord was leading a large crowd of people across a huge, huge (brown colored) massive steel bridge. The crowd had gathered at the entrance to the bridge. The Lord was moving into the opening of the bridge. The crowd was following Him into the mouth of the bridge when this part of the scene ended. (This crowd included men, women and children.)

There are some facts in these scenes that take no interpretation.

1. There are apostles outside of structures.

2. There is a time period where Jesus is to work between the apostles and then a time when He goes somewhere with these men.

3. There is a woman who will go with her new "to be husband," leaving the old man.

4. The bridge is a new structure.

Based on the Flow Chart, here is my insight on the above scenes. The Lord has gathered His apostles outside of the structured church. Now He must do a work between those apostles, building relationships and revealing His perfect will for the whole. From what God has taught me this seems to me to indicate that there must be some interaction between certain individuals concerning the "things the Spirit" of what God has given in the past, and is going to give among His apostles for direction and ways of doing things. (Possibly some correction of doctrines?) When He gets this done He will then take us into what He has for us to do.

The second scene is a woman who represents a part of His church who has been following man unknowingly. She will completely leave that structure and ideas, etc., to follow after the Lord into marriage (after she's rid herself of spots). The fact this scene turned into the last is significant and means that both are different pictures of the same and/or one leads to the other. This woman represents a cross section of people, much larger than this group of apostles, who will follow after the Lord into the unknown (like Israel crossing the Red Sea). There will be no miracle to cross this sea but He will take them across on a very stable piece of equipment, a massive steel bridge. This bridge represents a very stable structure, God's structure .

Symbolically, brown represents earthly, so we get the picture of a stable earthly structure whereby the Lord can bring us into the future (end time events), obedient to His will. The structure is His way and order of doing things which we (the group here) have found to produce much more fruit than the structures we came out of.

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A Train, a Symbol in the Spirit Realm!

By Roy Sauzek

God uses a train to symbolize the church in the spirit realm.

One was the spotless bride train and others were the trains representing the church in the world run by man!

This is an updated article I wrote years ago about different scenes and things the Holy Spirit has shown people about trains. Understanding is important so I am sharing some of the symbolisms I have learned relating to this. The Holy Spirit gives interesting pictures concerning the Spotless Bride in the familiar analogy of the train. I will start with this poem He gave me during the time I first worked on this writing.

There is a train coming, and will pass by.
A time appointed, for you and I.
It's sounding its whistle, will you hear?
The whistle, an alarm, telling you it's near.
Will you get on? Will you realize it's here?
The train from Heaven, suddenly manifest and dear.
Here a while, opposed by many.
The traditions of man, it won't have any.
It's a train different, but of the same form.
A different set of tracks, not the norm.
A definite direction, a purpose in mind.
To serve Him, and Him only, what a find!
Will you see this train, will you hear the alarm?
Sadness and joy, not a toy, nor a charm.
As suddenly it came, only suddenly depart,

The question is, will you be a part?

I'm going to share some train scenes shown to others and myself. I will explain some of the scenes and some of the symbols later; it's the pictures we are after. I have counted over 50 scenes in the Corporate Flow Chart that have something to do with trains since 1997.

Scene, I was standing in a park by a beautiful lake when I saw a train coming down out of the sky. It was massive, long, and every part was clean cut. It came down and circled within 4 feet of my head. At first I thought it was going to run into me, but it landed perfectly on its tracks. These tracks were bigger (higher and thicker) in size than those we are familiar with. This train was from heaven and represents the Spotless Bride

Scene, I saw a train and a track, stronger and larger than man's. Man had built a barricade across this larger track to stop this train. The barricade was built in a wood trestle of man's train tracks. The trestle crossed at a 90-degree angle to these new and bigger tracks. I knew that when this big train came through it would tear up the barricade, taking with it the trestle and man's train tracks. (This will happen only because the church in the world tried to stop the train from heaven. I am seeing evidence of this now, even with some well-known names.)

Scene, Another person was shown a train circling. People would put things on it as it came around. People were working together in pairs putting things on the train, so the work was evenly distributed. The train kept widening its circle and increasing its speed. The train was growing as the people worked faster and faster and finally the people were able to put train cars on top of train cars.

Scene, I saw a train going down the tracks. Hidden under one of the cars was a package containing wealth. It stopped and I went under the train car to retrieve the package.

Another person told me the cars of a train were ministries being hooked together and that ministries would hook onto this train as it passed.

Scene, I saw a train circling a hilltop. It circled repeatedly and then suddenly left the Hill - going straight across the country on a single track. There were no sidetracks. It was headed around the world.

Scene, I saw a depot with a train sitting along its side. The depot was lit with glorious colors inside. There was much going on (activity) and the train was preparing to leave. As I looked I knew I had to be there when it left. It was like a command!

Years ago the Lord showed me a lot of different kinds of train engines and trains, both old ones and new ones. He has shown me trains derailed, train wrecks, and trains doing the impossible. Looking back it is easy for me to understand the meaning of a derailed train. When God brought people together here at THH minisries, for His purposes, we started to build a church because that’s what we thought God wanted. (Why else would He bring us together?) Having a scene of a derailed train simply said, “You are off track!” I must say that what we have functioning here now is completely different than anything we would have dreamed of at that time and is different than anything we had experienced before. So it's easy to see that a picture of a train being derailed simply means, “off track.”

Trains are generally symbolic of ministry. From a distance they look alike but up close they look very different. The larger train from heaven represents the spotless church while a natural train represents the church in the world that is spotted. A train represents collective power, which is the corporate church. Theoretically, because it can be added to, it has the potential to become the most powerful moving thing on the earth: with more power than the space shuttle, any sea-going ship, or any other man-made object. It can start out in one place and be added to or subtracted from. It can carry different forms of almost anything. I might add, however, it's not much good unless it's moving! The reason God does not use things such as the power of a volcano to symbolize the church is because that's nature and man isn't involved with those kinds of power.

The church is a corporate body made up of men and women; the people are "the church." Men of the past, such as Steven and Philip, had power to be able to perform miracles, as some have even today. This is not the power God is talking about when He refers to trains. A train is made up of different parts all working together for one purpose. Even if they are different types of cars or engines they present a picture of unity in purpose (there is power in this kind of unity), just as different giftings and ministries make up God’s functional church. Each train car has its specific job but it is also designed to be correctly hooked together with other cars that have specific jobs. These different cars cannot carry the same material. This represents the fact that everyone in the church has different functions (ministries) and when someone tries to carry out a function that is not theirs, problems arise. It won't work and creates an open door for the enemy. I once knew of an evangelist who took on the “office of a prophet’s” job and that brought great trouble to his life and ministry. God had not equipped him to be a prophet!

I want to make it clear that when I talk about the train from Heaven being bigger than the train (church) in the world, I am not talking about length in particular but rather its more massive scale. 

This seemed to be mainly, though not exclusively, in the engines and probably signifies all of the five-fold ministries being there functioning God’s way, not man’s way; although I would not limit the symbolism of train engines to represent only the five-fold ministries.
The most notable difference regarding the train from heaven is in the stronger, thicker tracks and the way they are laid out across the country. There were no spurs (side tracks) from the mainline.There was only one main line. There is a specific path for the spotless church and there are no side tracks to take her from her purpose! God has that path, not man. These straight tracks for the church are laid out by following a written record --a corporate Flow Chart-- of all the "things of the Spirit" God gives through words, visions, dreams, revelation, etc. It is this corporate record of His words that keeps the church on track! It is the way we walk in the Spirit. The wrong way of walking in the Spirit is one of the three spots on the Body of Christ that needs to be cleansed to become part of the Spotless Church.

As to the tracks themselves, the railroad ties represent God’s tithe. The steel rails represent the law. The reason the rails of the Bride train are more massive than the rails of the church in the world is because the law carries more weight (is more important) with the Spotless Bride. The Spotless Bride will fulfill the righteous requirements of the laws of God. The church in the world has never had, and generally does not want, anything to do with the law.

Scene, I was looking at a person I know who has, in real life, a serious liver disease that could take her life at any time. In this scene there were train rails standing upright 4 to 6 inches in front of her. These rails were taller than she is and ties were being added one at a time. They were placed close together but I could still see her through the spaces between the ties. The rails and ties were soaked with gasoline and all it would take would be a spark to engulf her in flames. Obviously, death would occur. The rails represent "the law" and according to God's Word we are already judged by God's law, His Word. The thing that was missing in this scene were the railroad ties representing the fact that in real life she was not tithing correctly. This scene reveals that if she were to tithe correctly she would not be in this predicament; she would have the protection God affords from disease (in her case the liver disease) when we see to it that His funds get to the correct place as revealed in His law.

Scene, I was in a depot dressed in a conductor’s uniform. I was the ticket taker, the one checking to see who was eligible to board the train. The tickets were not the regular tickets you would buy to get on a train. They were like credit cards, but actually licenses. A license is different than a ticket in that you have to take a test to prove you have learned what is required to have the license. I was the one checking the tickets because I knew what the license requirements were to be able to get on the train.

Scene, In another scene I was walking through two train cars that had wrecked or derailed. The two cars had come unhitched from the cars in front that were not derailed. They were lying on their side at about a 45% angle. I was dressed as a conductor and was walking through to see who was hurt and who was not. I was also checking whether or not these people were going to get in the train cars in front that were waiting to go on.

The train scenes are simple to understand when we understand what the trains symbolize in the spirit realm. God uses the train symbol because it is something we are familiar with. I believe the word “train” also symbolizes “being trained” but God has not confirmed this to me. Training people is one of the church's responsibilities, but not training in the ways of man. The Spotless Bride trains people to do things God's way. The difference between the ways of man and the ways of God are in what we do--faith is an act. In the natural the difference between a harlot and a bride is in the “acts” of the individual woman. In the spirit realm it is the "acts" of a church that determine whether she is a harlot or a spotless bride, not her name.

There is a train circling that will soon be leaving to run throughout the earth. It will be going a predetermined direction with a predetermined purpose that cannot be changed. This (Spotless Bride) train, what it is to be, was established in heaven by God from the beginning. It is sounding its whistle, an alarm, saying, "Come on, get on." I believe it will sound its whistle many times before and after it leaves on its journey around the earth. It will sound its whistle of warning all around the earth. It’s like the Bride Spotless saying, “Come!” The train representing the churches in the earth today will have to change to be able to hook up with and get on track with the Spotless Bride train. It is the spotless church that will have a more effective ministry for the Lord because it is His church, built by Him!

There is a train coming, and will pass by.

A time appointed, for you and I.

It's sounding its whistle, will you hear?

The whistle, an alarm, telling you it's near.

Will you get on? Will you realize it's here?

The train from Heaven, suddenly manifest and dear.

Here a while, opposed by many.

The traditions of man, it won't have any.

It's a train different, but of the same form.

A different set of tracks, not the norm.

A definite direction, a purpose in mind.

To serve Him, and Him only, what a find!

Will you see this train, will you hear the alarm?

Sadness and joy, not a toy, nor a charm.

As suddenly it came, only suddenly depart,

The question is, will you be a part?

It is time for the Spotless Bride to be manifested!

The Lord's Bride Train!

[given 4-21-2017]

Pick up your pen and write.

The whistle blows, the whistle blows, far and near.

The Bride Train ever so true. My hand, My doing, clearly so!

Which way will the people go? Catch a ride or let it go?

My timing at every bend in the tracks. My Word so true and full of facts!

The earth shakes and trembles at My Train a passing!

Who will go, who will stay? A choice, a choice, make it clear!

My Bride Train coming near! Feel it, see it, hear it, the whistle passing by.

Don’t be shy, step on up! There’s room within!

What a ride, what a ride it will be. Step on up, come and see!

I am the Lord, the Engineer. Be sure and make that clear!

All aboard! All aboard the conductor shouts, the trains a movin' without a doubt!

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Follow Me As I Follow Christ!

Should We Follow Godly Men or Only Follow Jesus?

By Zac Poonen

Under the old covenant, the Israelites could only follow the written Word that God gave them through Moses and the prophets. No-one could say, “Follow me” – not even the greatest prophets like Moses or Elijah or John the Baptist. God’s Word alone was the light for their path (Psa.119:105).

But Jesus came and initiated a new covenant. And He gave us not only the Word of God, but an example to follow, by His own life. He was the first person in the Bible to say, “Follow Me” (Mt.4:19; Jn.21:19; Lk.9:23). So in the new covenant, we have both the written word and also the Word made flesh in Jesus – or in other words, the written word made visible in a human life – to guide us.

Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for merely studying the Word of God but not coming to Him: “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life. But they testify about Me; and you are unwilling to come to Me to have life.” (Jn.5:39,40).

The life of Jesus is now the Light for our path (John 1:4) – and not just the written Word. If we are unable to find clear guidance in God’s Word in some matter, we can look at the life of Jesus (as revealed by the Holy Spirit to our hearts) and we will always find an answer.

Further: In the new covenant, the Holy Spirit also inspired a godly man like Paul to say, “Follow me – as I follow Christ”. And the Holy Spirit made him say that three times – to emphasise the fact that we should also follow the example of truly godly men who follow in Christ’s footsteps. (1 Cor.4:16; 1 Cor.11:1; Phil.3:17).

A true new-covenant servant not only proclaims God’s standard in the written Word, but also says, as Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ”.

Some Christians say, “We must not follow any man. We must only follow Jesus”. That sounds like a spiritual statement. But it is totally contrary to the Word of God. Because, as we have just seen, Paul (inspired by the Holy Spirit) told us to follow him.

The reason why Paul told the Christians in Corinth to follow him and to imitate him, was because he was their spiritual father. He said, “If you were to have ten thousand teachers in Christ, yet you would not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel. Therefore I exhort you, be followers of me.” (1 Cor. 4:15,16). One cannot follow a Bible-teacher – because even if his teaching is good and accurate, he may not be a good example by his life. According to the above verse, one spiritual father is better than 10,000 Bible-teachers. So it is good for all Christians to have a spiritual father like Paul, whose example they can follow. Following such a spiritual father can save us from sin and from false teaching.

Paul urged Christians to follow other godly men also, who were “following Christ’s example”, as he was doing. He said, “Pattern your lives after mine, and learn from others also who follow our example”(Phil. 3:17- NLT).

The Word of God also commands us to obey our leaders and to imitate their faith.

“Obey your leaders and submit to them” (Heb. 13:17).
“Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; consider the result of their conduct (their life), and imitate their faith” (Heb. 13:7).

We are NOT called to follow a person’s ministry, because God gives each of His children a unique ministry that others cannot have. Christ’s Body has members with different functions just like our human body has. When Jesus called people to follow Him, He did not expect them to do miracles or even preach as He did. That was His ministry. He called people to follow the example of His life – that is, to live by the principles by which He lived. Likewise, when Paul called believers to imitate him and follow him as he followed Christ, he was not asking them to be apostles or to heal the sick, but to live as he lived – by the principles by which Christ lived.

It is the Holy Spirit Who has commanded us in the above verses to follow the examples of godly men. Those who are too proud to follow the examples of godly men usually end up following carnal men, or the promptings of their own Self-life. Then the results can be disastrous.

Immediately after telling the Philippian Christians to follow his own example and the example of other godly men (Phil.3:17), Paul warned them not to follow the example of some others: “For many walk, of whom I often told you, and now tell you even weeping, that they are enemies of the cross of Christ (Phil. 3:18,19).

If however they followed Paul’s example, they would be saved from being deceived by those other ungodly men.

Here are seven tests by which you can evaluate whether a man is a truly godly man worthy of being followed:

1. Is he a humble man – easily approachable and easy to speak to? Jesus told us to learn humility from Him (Matt.11:29). A godly man is one who has learned humility from Jesus.

2. Is he free from the love of money and one who never asks anyone for money (as far as you know)? A godly man will follow Jesus’ example, Who never asked anyone for money even for His ministry. Jesus said that one who loves God cannot love money and that one who holds on to God will despise money (Luke 16:13).

3. Is he pure in his life – and especially in his dealings with women (as far as you know)? A godly man will not just avoid the temptation to sexual lust but will flee from it (2 Tim.2:20-22).

4. If he is married and has children, has he brought up his children in godly ways? A godly, married man will be one whose children are believers who have been brought up in a disciplined way (1 Tim.3:4,5; Tit.1:6).

5. Have his closest co-workers become godly men through their association with him? Godly men will produce other godly men. Timothy became a godly man through being with his spiritual father, Paul (Phil.2:19-22).

6. Has he built (or been active with others in building) a local new-covenant church? Jesus came to earth to build His church (Matt.16:18). He gave Himself up to death to build the church (Eph.5:25). Godly men will not only bring people to Christ but will then build them up as a local church.

7. Does he connect you to Christ and not to himself? A godly man will connect you to Christ, so that you in turn, can become a godly example for others? (Eph.4:15; 2 Cor.4:5).

We cannot follow most Christian leaders, because they fail in one or more of the above areas.

If however, you find a godly leader who has the above qualities, it will be good for you to follow him as a spiritual father, because he will help you to come closer to the Lord and thus be saved from sin and false teaching.

He who has ears to hear let him hear.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Will God Touch People And Save Them From Sin Through Trance Too?

Is 'Trance Evangelism' Coming Back In Vogue?

By Jennifer LeClaire

I've never fallen into a trance but I know people who have—and it's totally biblical. We only see people falling into trances a few times in the Bible, but there is enough evidence from the Word of God and from modern expressions to back up this scriptural supernatural experience.

A trance is a state of one who is "out of himself," according to Easton's Bible Dictionary. The word trance comes from the Greek word "ekstasis," form which the word ecstasy is derived. Peter fell into a trance in Acts 10:10 that opened his eyes to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. Paul fell into a trance in Acts 22:17 in which the Lord gave Him a warning and a commission to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. I suppose it's hard to describe it if you've not experienced it, but Smith's Bible Dictionary goes a little deeper, saying a trance is:

"The state in which a man has passed out of the usual order of his life, beyond the usual limits of consciousness and volition, being rapt in causes of this state are to be traced commonly to strong religious impressions. Whatever explanation may be given of it, it is true of many, if not of most, of those who have left the stamp of their own character on the religious history of mankind, that they have been liable to pass at times into this abnormal state."

Trance Evangelism?

Since we're looking back at historical figures in the body of Christ during Charisma's 40th anniversary month, I though it fitting to offer a look at Maria Woodworth-Etter, a powerful voice from the late 1800s and early 1900s that was moving in the supernatural before Asuza Street or the charismatic movement made its mark on church history.

Indeed, Woodworth-Etter was a Pentecostal forerunner. She saw great outpourings of God's Spirit in the Midwest before entering the West Coast to win souls for God. In Oakland, California, she bought an 8,000-seat tent in 1889 and packed it out with people hungry to watch God move. He didn't disappoint. Healings, signs, wonders, miracles were commonplace in Woodworth-Etter's meetings.

Of course, miracles always draw crowds and critics and it was no different for this female pioneer. However, she didn't see the attacks from fellow healing evangelist John Alexander Dowie coming. Dowie, himself moving in miracles, at first praised Woodworth-Etter but soon accused her of propagating a great delusion because people were falling into trances left and right under her tent. He called it "trance evangelism."

Woodworth-Etter also drew attention from the media. The Salem report documents her falling into a trance on March 24, 1904, and she "had to be laid on the platform for over an hour." The Indianapolis Star also reported "Woodworth-Etter Goes into a Trance" in a 1904 edition. In 1913, The Boston Globe reported, "Took No Money for Healing; Mrs. Etter Gave God Credit for Cures." Those are just a few of the articles written about this pre-Pentecostal minister.

Standing Like Statues

There are accounts of Woodworth-Etter falling into a trance at a St. Louis meeting and standing like a statue for three whole days as attendees of the World Fair looked on in amazement. It's not clear if the trance actually lasted that long, but she was known to fall into trances that left her frozen for hours at a time—and so did many others who attended her meetings.

"People fell into trances, experienced visions of heaven and hell, collapsed on the floor as if they'd been shot or had died," reports Revival Library. "Thousands were healed of a wide variety of sicknesses and diseases and many believers, even ministers, received mighty baptisms of the Holy Spirit."

Often times, unbelievers who came in to disrupt the service were encountered by the power of God and themselves fell into a trance. Reporters ridiculed her, her husband lashed out at her in a public letter, she lost the support of well-known ministers in her day, but she continued preaching the gospel and people continued getting saved—and falling into trances. Woodworth-Etter pointed people to scriptural references of trances and believed it was the power of God.

Criticized in her day, she goes down in Pentecostal history as a pioneer, a forerunner who withstood strong persecution to steward the glory of God in her meetings. We need more like Woodworth-Etter in this hour.

In the Weekly Evangel, Robert J. Craig, an early Pentecostal leader and pastor of Glad Tidings Temple in San Francisco, honored her and encouraged ministers to study her life and ministry: "If the Pentecostal ministry would study her life and count on God, expecting the supernatural to be revealed in each meeting, what a mighty agency ours would be in the hands of God."

Amen. And think about it for a minute. What would happen if skeptics of the gospel entered a Holy Ghost meeting and fell into a trance and saw visions of hell? Maybe trance evangelism isn't such a bad idea.

Jennifer LeClaire is senior editor of Charisma. She is also director of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, co-founder of, on the leadership team of the New Breed Revival Network and author of several books, including The Next Great Move of God: An Appeal to Heaven for Spiritual Awakening; Mornings With the Holy Spirit, Listening Daily to the Still, Small Voice of God; The Making of a Prophet and Satan's Deadly Trio: Defeating the Deceptions of Jezebel, Religion and Witchcraft. You can visit her website here. You can also join Jennifer on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. Jennifer's Periscope handle is @propheticbooks.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Slain In The Spirit, How To Handle It?

What's Next After You Have Been Slain in the Spirit?

By Kathy DeGraw

I've fallen in the Spirit – What do I do next?

What happens when we fall in the spirit and what should be our reaction?

Our first reaction when we have fallen in the spirit and aren't familiar with this can be, "Oh great I have fallen in the spirit and everyone is looking at me. What do I do next?" What happens when we fall in the spirit and what should be our reaction?

The best explanation I've heard of falling in the spirit is that when the supernatural (God) meets the natural (us) something has to give and it is us that gives. What should be our response? We should embrace it and discover what God has for us.

When we fall in the spirit there can be many reactions such as:

Why is this happening to me?
What just happened?
Why did I feel woozy and fall?
Did the person praying over me push me?
Everyone is looking at me.
That hurt.
I feel/look silly.
What do I do next?

These can be some of the realistic thoughts that go through your mind. The first thing you should do is just relax and rest in the presence of the Lord, after all you just fell under the power of God. If you fell under the power of God, obviously there is a reason. Relax and enjoy the state of rest you are in and most of all don't be in a hurry to get up. Stay on the floor and focus on the Lord. Try not to think about what to do next or what is happening and most of all don't worry and concern yourself with what people around you are thinking.

While we are in the presence of the Lord there can be many things that are happening:

We can be in a place of rest.
Receiving impartation.
Receiving healing and deliverance.
Receiving instruction, revelation and knowledge
Receiving something, but we don't know what.
Having a vision or encounter with Jesus.
Receiving the answer to a prayer.

The most important thing is not to get up until you feel the presence lift off of you or until you feel released by the Spirit of the Lord. When we fall in the Spirit sometimes God just plain needs to get our attention, because we have been too busy to slow down and listen to him. This is a way he communicates with us. We may get up and feel as if we received nothing, it is in those times rest and impartations happens. We can't explain it at the moment, but we know we were in the presence of the Lord.

I remember a time I had prayer for a tooth that needed a root canal and crown. I went down in the spirit and laid there and didn't really feel anything. I didn't receive revelation, but as I stood up all of a sudden I felt the power of God on me so strong I had to be assisted walking to my vehicle. I went home and continued to be in the presence for hours. At my surgeon's appointment the dentist said, "What are you doing here, there is nothing wrong with your tooth, go home." The reaction wasn't at that moment, but subsequent, I basked in the presence of the Lord until I felt released to get up. You don't always know what you get at the moment, but you need to trust God that you are getting something and He knows best.

As you are prayed for and as the Spirit comes upon you, don't be scared or hesitant to be in the presence of the Lord it is wonderful. Focus on the Lord and remember for that moment of time it's just you and him and nothing else matters.

Kathy DeGraw is the founder of DeGraw Ministries a ministry releasing the love and power of God. She travels hosting conferences, teaching schools and evangelistic love tours. Kathy enjoys writing and is the author of several books that educate, empower and equip people, including A Worship Woven Life and Flesh, Satan or God. Connect with Kathy at