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Matt Sorger:
God Invades the Catholic Church and Releases a New Move of Unity Among Denominations"

Matt SorgerWe pray for revival, we ask God for a fresh outbreak of His glory and sometimes God shows up in a way we don't expect. Several years ago, the Lord spoke to me during a time of prayer that a fresh wave of the Holy Spirit would sweep through the Catholic Church. For years I have been praying over this. I didn't know God was going to begin answering these prayers in New Zealand.

While on my recent trip to New Zealand, we witnessed and experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit within the Catholic Church. We were invited to come and minister to the Catholics by Monsignor Green and Brother Andrew Pigg of Christ the King Church in New Zealand. While we were there, God gave us great favor with not only Monsignor Green, but also with the overseeing Bishop of the Catholic Church in Auckland, New Zealand. We met for an hour with Bishop Pat Dunn and received his prayers and blessings for what God wanted to do within the Catholic Church. They were very open and very hungry to experience the power of the Holy Spirit and were very Christ-centered in their faith and theology.

Matt SorgerWhat transpired during our time there was historic—MSM (Matt Sorger Ministries) being the first American non-Catholics to minister in the Catholic Church in New Zealand. God moved so powerfully—they want more!

A Historic Move of Unity and Glory

The Catholic community in New Zealand consists of many races, tongues and tribes from India, Samoa, Korea, Africa and of course, New Zealand. As the meetings began we received a personal greeting from the Maori people, the original inhabitants of New Zealand, as well as the Samoan people from Samoa. They greeted us with a special tribal dance and welcome. This was the first time something like this was ever done within the Catholic Church.

There was a great move of spiritual unity not only between the people, groups and cultures, but also between Christian denominations. Not only were Catholics present in the meetings en masse, but also Baptists, Pentecostals, Non-Denominational churches and more. This was also a great breakthrough and was the first time some of these churches ever met and worshipped together.

Throughout the meetings Jesus was exalted, the message of grace and faith was preached, and hundreds proclaimed their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. We had over 600 people outwardly confess their faith in Christ and publicly repent of their sin, receiving God's grace, love and forgiveness for the first time! It was truly a great harvest of souls within the Catholic community.

The people burned with a hunger for God and a passion and love for Jesus. They were so hungry to learn all they could about the Holy Spirit and His power operating in their lives. We did several in-depth teaching sessions with them during the day on subjects including God's grace and faith, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the anointing of the Spirit. We also had many times of prayer and impartation for many to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time along with the activation of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The People Were So Hungry

Matt SorgerEach service, as we opened the altars for prayer, the presence and glory of God would sweep through the meetings, filling many with a fresh anointing and passion for God.

Many healings took place as Matt called out words of knowledge and personally prayed for the multitudes. Many received breakthroughs from past hurts, experienced the forgiveness and freedom from their sins and received divine healing in their bodies.

The people were so hungry for God that even after the services were dismissed, the people thronged Matt as he tried to make his way out of the meeting, often praying for another hour for people desperate for the Lord. MSM has only seen this level of expression of spiritual hunger in countries such as India and Africa.

As Matt taught on the anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit, many received fresh revelation and insight into the ways of God. Many were filled to overflowing and moved to a deeper place in their faith. Matt's mom, Veronica, also ministered on the theme of grace and faith, and many Catholics received a deeper revelation of the power of God's grace in their lives. Many were "slain out" in the Spirit for the first time and received a powerful anointing from the Lord.

Creative Miracles Released -
Heart Recreated!

Many received healing as the miracle power of God was manifested. Here's one such testimony:

"Hi there, I'm submitting this on behalf of an elderly friend who is computer illiterate! When Matt came to New Zealand last week, four of us went up to the meeting on the Thursday night at the Catholic Church. We had no idea why, but God did! My friend Nola who is in her early 70s has had severe heart problems for a very long time. She has a hole in her heart, has had septicemia, the left ventricle of her heart didn't work, her heart swelled to the size of a rugby ball, and because of severely low blood pressure, she was inoperable and had to be monitored by medication.

"Matt called her out three times, even standing up on the chairs to pray over the section Nola was in. She had on a purple shirt, and he said that God was going to roll back the years and increase her life and that she would have a new heart, amongst other things. Well, Nola went to the cardiologist earlier this week, and the left ventricle is ALIVE and aligned with the other side. Her heart looks well and new and the doctors have lessened her medication. She feels 'normal' for the first time and is busy testifying to all who will listen about what God has done for her.

"Praise Jesus! Nola (who has had an incredibly sad and hard life) is having revival at her age and she thanks God that Matt called her out. Thanks heaps, many blessings to you." -Sandi Clewett

Future Plans for New Zealand

Matt SorgerAlready plans are being made for 2010 for another Healing Crusade in New Zealand. We will spend at least two weeks there next year ministering in several key Catholic Churches throughout the nation, joined by many other Christian denominations.

Plans are underway for a mass gathering of unity and prayer for the healing of the land in New Zealand and for nationwide repentance and turning to God. It just may be that God is using the Catholic Church in New Zealand to usher in a new fresh wave of God's glory into the nation. Please join us in prayer for what the Lord is doing within the Catholic Church. Pray for many more open doors like this throughout the nations and in America.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, we pray that Your Body would be one as You are one with the Father. Continue to release a fresh wave of Your Holy Spirit throughout the Catholic Church and all Christian Believers in America, New Zealand and the nations around the world. Revive us in Your way, draw us close to You. Turn our hearts after Your heart and continually fill us with the blessing of Your glory and presence. May the revelation of faith and grace and Your healing power come to all who call on the name of the Lord out of a pure heart. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Matt Sorger
Matt Sorger Ministries

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