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Apostolic Church

What is the Apostolic Church?

The Apostolic Church was birth from of the Throne Room in the third heaven. If you could see what the apostolic church looks like with spiritual eyes. It would look like a burning and increasing fire of the Lord coming to eat and burn away everything that is not of the nature of Christ. The apostolic church is not man made or a man made ideal. The apostolic church commission is to bring reformation to all things in the church to the image of Christ. Who is the head of this burning fire? Jesus Christ the chief Apostle and Head of the Church.

In addition, the apostolic anointing flows from the Head of the Church to the body of Christ and the apostles. The apostolic anointing brings increase to the living church. The apostolic anointing brings life to the will of God for the Church. The apostolic anointing reforms us to truth and the image of Christ. The apostolic anointing comes to us that Christ and His Kingdom may come to us.

Moreover, the prophets prepare the way; prepare you for the Lord, and the apostles bring the way, the Lord and His Kingdom to you. The apostolic anointing is greater then one apostle, or a few apostles, or even a company of apostles, this anointing comes from Christ. You may not know an apostle, but you have Jesus the Chief Apostle over you.

Beside, we will see living apostles moving forth with authority and power just as in the book of Acts so shall it be with today's apostles. There were the Apostles of the Lamb, then there are the Apostles of Christ, all true apostles are apostles of Christ. An apostle is called through one on one contact with Christ through the Holy Spirit.

However, apostles are not the main event, the saints are, and the Holy Spirit, and Christ. Apostles and Prophets are to form the foundation for the saints to move forth and fulfill the great commission.

Apart from that, what is the apostolic church? In this article I will try to list the characteristics of the apostolic church. It is important to know what is the apostolic church and what is not the apostolic church. The apostolic church is the local church, cell churches, homes churches, networks, city church centers, city church networks, and the mature city church.

However, the first goal of the apostolic movements is not to become another religion, instead to add to church in restoration. The apostolic movements are the platform for all great movements to come forth. We are laying the foundation of the apostles and prophets to establish a lasting and enduring platform for revivals, and moves of God to always happen and never be without, and to have lasting revival.

In addition, the second goal is to begin an end to all Christian groups that are not according to the image of Christ, to bring end of the Christian religion and replace it with the body of Christ, to reform all things in the church to the image of Christ, plus to bring an end to all religions and open the gates and doors wide to Kingdom of God.

Moreover, the third goal of the apostolic movements is to equip the saints to the work of the ministry, marketplace and workplace ministers, that the church will no longer lack any gift. The fourth goal of the apostolic movements to establish the church into the apostolic government, and raise the church up to fulfill her destiny in Christ. The fifth goal is to birth the kingdom church and to prepare the church for the end times. Plus that church will come to the unity of the faith. Plus that the apostolic church will birth the city church, the sixth goal is to rise up the saints to fulfill the great commission. The seventh goal is to restore the church to her true authority in the Earth.

Besides, what the Acts church had was the foundation of the apostles and prophets, gifts of Spirit, saints ministry, signs, wonders the power of God, and the city church. At the same time this was not the perfect church or mature church, instead, they have these things that lead to the perfect and mature church. I believe that today we will be learn from these godly principles of the acts church to the perfect and mature church, which is the city church, which is the kingdom church.

24 characteristics of the apostolic church;

1. Saints, believers, workplace, marketplace, and business Christians do the work of the ministry. No more a few does the ministry, instead the many, while the few equipped the saints. The Apostolic Church is a body ministry.

2. There is a team of elders with a leading elder working among them. The apostolic church is not a one-man ministry.

3. There is a team of ministers; team workmanship is the way of ministry of the apostolic church.

4. There is freedom for the gifts of Spirits, freedom for any gift from God.

5. The apostolic church is a house for the prophets. Prophets are protected and welcome.

6. The order of the house is one of freedom, grace and functional accountability.

7. The Apostolic Church is a restoration house for falling ministers and believers.

8. The Apostolic Church is a missionary home base to the nations.

9. The Apostolic church is a house of signs, wonders, miracles, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

10. The Apostolic Church is a church that works with other churches in their city, they believe in the city church, and the body of Christ.

11. The Apostolic Church is a place of covenant relationships, Biblical fellowship, discipleship, equipping, mentoring and fathering.

12. The Apostolic Church is a place for compassion and mercy ministries and works.

13. The Apostolic Church is a church that is not limited to the four walls.

14. The Apostolic Church is a grace giving church.

15. The Apostolic Church is a church of many people groups in Christ.

16. The Apostolic Church is a church where women and Children are honor for their gifts and skills, and are not hinder. There is no age gap or gender gap, or race gap in the Apostolic Church.

17. The Apostolic Church does not conform to the many cultures, instead they conform to the kingdom culture and they conform the cities and people around them to the kingdom culture.

18. The Apostolic Church does not only wins many souls to Christ in turn they disciple them into Christ's Disciples.

19. The Apostolic Church is a house of prayer for all nations.

20. The Apostolic Church is a house of true worship according to the Tabernacle of David.

21. The Apostolic Church follows and applied the models of church life in the book of Acts in today's church life.

22. The Apostolic Church is a church of deliverance, and casting out demons in the name of Jesus.

23. The Apostolic church believes in a glorious church in the future and the end time church.

24. The Apostolic Churches believers that the Jews rightful land is the nation of Israel, and that Jerusalem is the rightful capital of the nation of Israel.

Beside, the Apostle Church is the modern day Antioch church. Antioch is the model for the Apostolic Church today. We not only believe in Apostles and prophets are today, we also believe that the books of Acts are for today too. Today's book of Acts will not be called the Acts of the Apostles, instead the Acts of Saints in the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, the body of Christ will become the Apostolic Church. The Apostolic Church will reform all things in the church to the image of Christ. After the Apostolic Church has fulfilled it's purpose, the unity of the faith will come and increase and grow to the point that the Apostolic church births and gives way to the Kingdom Church, which is the city church in every city of every nation in the world.

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