Thursday, January 22, 2009

Apostolic Calling

An Apostolic Calling - by Yolanda Ballard

I AM calling forth those who are willing to forsake all in the way of comfort, pack their bags, and go where I would have them to go. Yes, I AM calling you forth to speak the oracles of God and to prophesy even to kings. Are you willing to pay the price to have My anointing flow through you freely? For I have taken you through the purging by the fire of My love in preparation so that I could pour out My glory in waves upon you. Yes, the healing power of My glory. And you will lay hands on the sick and watch them recover.

So many have obeyed My word with no signs following and never gave up that My word is true. And now is the time and the hour that I will use you and mightily, My people. Yes, this is the time and the hour that I will pour out My power and through you. So step up to the bat, and be yielded and willing, and you will see what I will do. Do not be concerned that you have never done these things before. What if it doesn't work? Well, what if it does? Don't be concerned with the outcome, just do it.

Don't be just a hearer of My word, but a doer of it. Watch and pray that you will be counted worthy of these things that you may lay hands on the sick, set the captives free, raise the dead. I need a clean vessel to move through. So watch your heart attitudes and your motives, and be willing to step aside and let Me take over. And yes, you are to be a nameless and faceless generation, a bride with boots on, one that will only promote My Son and His name. Proclaim the victory for this is the time. Lift up the King of Glory! Rest assured that He can handle any situation of hindrance that the enemy will try to bring your way. Just step out. All things will work out for good when you put forth My kingdom and righteousness.

So count the cost this day to see if you are willing to forsake all to follow the King in wherever He takes you. Count the cost to see if you will put Christ first above your agenda and even reputation. Are you willing to look foolish to have My glory flow through you? Do you call yourself prophetic people? Then examine the lives of the true prophets of old and the price they paid to be used. Even King David as he danced through the streets with all his might. Even Stephen dying at the hands of the mob seeing My glory and knowing he was a good and faithful servant. Forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Are you willing to even die to have My glory.

For these are the last days, and I promised you greater works, but it comes with the great price of forsaking all for the Kingdom. Yes, a great price indeed, but I guarantee you that these days you will be blessed beyond measure for I will prosper you enough to take care of others. I will move through you in glory, and give you your heart's desire to see Me more intimately. Yes, your quiet times will intensify with the power of revelation and discernment. And you will have My wisdom manifest in all areas of your life. You will know the snares of the fowler, and you will avoid them. You will know My thoughts for you have the mind of Christ with no hindrances. And, yes, you will move with My heart of compassion and travail. In your quiet times I will roar through you for My people Israel and for those I gave My life for, and you will see the multitudes set free. For this is the day of the latter rain outpouring. Yes, the third day of My glory, and I AM calling you. So be ready!

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