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Reinhard Bonnke

Testimony: Reinhard Bonnke - Signs and wonders in Africa

Reinhard Bonnke, the German evangelist to Africa, is the leading evangelist of our day. He preaches the uncompromising gospel of Jesus with great signs and wonders following. His campaigns are attended by up to 1.6 million people in a single meeting. There is only enough room to stand among the sea of people present.

There are many testimonies of signs and wonders under his anointed ministry. The following are some examples. A young man who lost his speech for 8 years after a horrible accident regained his speech and started calling out the name of Jesus. A woman who was wheelchair-bound for over 20 years was healed and ran on stage to demonstrate God’s healing.

A man with a broken hip was healed and was able to perform exercises on stage. A female spiritualist received the Lord and surrendered her idols on stage. A man who was blinded with terrible migraine received his sight. An owner of a disco received the Lord and converted his disco into a church. These are powerful testimonies.

Raised from the dead after 3 days
But the most awesome story is about a pastor who was involved in a car accident and died. He was rushed to a doctor who confirmed his death. His body was sent to a mortuary and embalmed.

Three days later, the man’s wife removed his body from the mortuary because she held on to a promise that God had given her. The rock-hard and lifeless corpse was then taken in an ambulance to a Reinhard Bonnke meeting.

As the body was placed on a table, signs of life began to return. The man started to breathe and his blood began to flow. He came back to life after 3 days and shared about his encounter in heaven. God sent him back as a sign to our generation.

As God confirmed His gospel with signs and wonders, as many as 1.093 million souls received salvation in one night, and 3.45 million souls received the Lord throughout the 6-day Millennium Crusade at Lagos, Nigeria. God is doing an awesome work in Africa.

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8.68 Works of faith – testimony of dead man raised from the dead after 3 days

Today, I would like to share a powerful testimony of a woman’s work of faith that resulted in her deceased husband being raised from the dead after 3 days. This is from Reinhard Bonnke’s DVD – Raised from the Dead. It is an awesome DVD which I bought for my parents when I was sharing the gospel with them. It left an impact.

This is a true story of a pastor in Nigeria who was involved in a car accident. He died on the way to the doctor. Two angels came to bring him up to paradise.

The man had been dead for 3 days. But suddenly, the woman remembered a prophecy that God had given her earlier – that there would be no violations in her family. The verse in Hebrews 11:35, “Women received their dead raised to life again,” spoke to her heart.

The remembrance of the prophecy and that Bible verse caused faith to surge in her heart. She prayed to God with her stubborn faith and interceded for her husband. She refused to let him go. She believed he would be raised again.

So she acted out her faith. She had works of faith. She persuaded her father-in-law to bring the rock-hard corpse to a meeting where Reinhard Bonnke was preaching. She believed that the intensity of the anointing at that place would raise the dead. Remember that the anointed bones of Elisha actually raised the dead in the Old Testament.

At that church, they laid the body on a table in a basement. The crowd prayed for the dead man. Miraculously, the man started breathing. Remember that he has been even embalmed with chemicals. His body was rock-hard. They people massaged his hands and blood began to flow. His body became warm again. The massaged his neck and they were able to move his head. Finally, the man jumped up alive after 3 days. A crippled woman saw this miracle and her faith surged. She threw away her crutches and started running – giving glory to Jesus.

The man had a story to tell. He was sent back to fulfill the rich man’ request in the parable given by Jesus. He has a message for our end time generation to believe in Jesus.

The point is that the man would not have experienced that miracle – if not for the stubborn faith of his wife. The man would not have been resurrected if she had no acted out her faith by bringing the corpse to the Reinhard Bonnke meeting. It was inconvenient. People thought she was crazy. But she had works of faith that resulted in the miracle.

Today, when you walk in faith, and when you do works of faith, you will experience your miracle.

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